Want A Reading Spot In Your Apartment?

Everybody needs a lonely spot in and around the house to just lie and read in solitude. In the earlier times, when big houses with high ceilings were the norm, people usually did not face the challenges of decorating a small home and still have all the amenities in it. The trouble is that it is very difficult to find any space for an actual study in our modern matchbox apartments. To design a study room you need at least one spare bedroom and we seldom have even a bathroom to spare. So all you can manage would have be a 'spot' to unwind.

Here are some novel ideas to create your own reading spot even in a small apartment.

Tips To Create A Reading Space In Your Apartment?

- First of all, if you are trying to create a small study in your house it has to be presupposed that you do not live alone and also that you have at least a 2 bedroom apartment.

- For a house with conventional design it is a challenging task to design a study room within the existing layout. The best you can so is take the bigger of the bedrooms (master bedroom) and partition it with ply boards.

- If you want to splurge then use oak wood to do this partition because oak wood paneling looks totally classy for a study room. If you are getting it done so elaborately then make inbuilt book shelves too. You can fit your books into the walls and save space.

- The best part about this cozy enclosure is that you can easily set up your home theatre system and television in it and make it a mini cinema hall! Otherwise you can make a folding computer table in this roomette and make it your office cubicle when you are working from home.

- If you have not kept your television in your living room then you can utilise the extra space available there to make your mini library. This is because a blaring television would defeat the purpose of a solitary reading spot.

- The first principle of decorating a small house is that you have to make the best of limited space. Cordon off your personal reading space with a wooden portable partition that has ornate work on it. You move away the partition when you are not reading to display your collection of books.

- As it is a small house we are talking about, it is best to keep the study furniture minimal and portable.

- If you have a terrace or even a balcony then it can make it a great outdoor reading area. You will have to shade it off to begin with to protect against rain and harsh sunlight.

- Make use of bean bags or fold in beach recliners for sitting. Plush it up with comfortable cushions and compliment it with small coffee table.

You can easily enjoy the tranquil reading spot in your apartment if you are a little resourceful!